Mauve It

We were just about getting close to having a taste of Spring when the last strike of cold hit and it was snowing in Seoul. Needless to say, the joyous spring hauling has been put to a halt and I am holding onto my thick, dark winter wardrobe once again.

Those of you who had been keen on embracing Spring may be disappointed, but meanwhile, I have something to keep your mood uplifted. Rather than moaning about what will eventually come 'round (no doubt something flowery, pinky and all things lacy), I've been taking advantage of the crispy weather and giving more love to my wintery beauty staples. All things mauve are back in!

Now, who ever said mauve is reserved only for only the Fall? Women come back to it time and again when the leaves go a shade darker because it just has the most delicate and sophisticated charm -- why wouldn't we want to wear it all year? If you aren't generally so keen on bold colors but want to inject some hue to your neutral everyday palette, then this would also serve you well.

To top it off, here's a little observation from the most recent K-beauty scene: Korea might just be into mauve too. Last fall, Koreans ditched the K-drama heroine signature  juicy bold lips for dusty "dry rose" hues and now that trend has transformed into a new hype for the perfect MLBB lip products. The Korean interpretation of MLBB is not exactly the Kylie Jenner-esque natural nude lips, but rather darker shades with a stronger punch. Korean cosmetic companies have come out with numerous darker lip colors, including more muted berry nude MLBB shades.

Regardless of age, an elegant dusty mauve color can do no wrong when it comes to beauty. So go grab those shades you perhaps thought made you look sallow and older because they are totally in. Mauve is the new nude.

My favourite picks: L'Oreal's Nude Balm  in Heavenly Beauty & La Laque in Lacque-y Charm

My favourite picks: L'Oreal's Nude Balm  in Heavenly Beauty & La Laque in Lacque-y Charm